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skatepark - Google News

skatepark - Google News

09/25/2016 10:56 PM
Locals pitch idea to city for underpass skate park - KVOA Tucson News

Locals pitch idea to city for underpass skate park
KVOA Tucson News
Caleb Gutierrez, 26, and Kyle Araishi, 30, spoke at the call-to-the-audience portion of the City Council meeting Sept. 20. They told council they wanted to build a new skate park under I-10 at Cushing St. Gutierrez said there are underpass skate parks ...

09/24/2016 09:05 PM
Hundreds Help City Skatepark Reopen - Valley News

Valley News

Hundreds Help City Skatepark Reopen
Valley News
Mikey Sheehan, of Northfield, N.H., works out at the newly-opened Rusty Berrings Skatepark in West Lebanon, N.H., on September 24, 2016. After driving an hour and forty minutes to be part of the grand opening, Sheehan was planning to return the next day.

09/25/2016 01:51 AM
Rolling In and Rebuilding the Matt Hughes Skatepark - Myrtle Beach Sun News

Myrtle Beach Sun News

Rolling In and Rebuilding the Matt Hughes Skatepark
Myrtle Beach Sun News
The skatepark was built to harbor skaters, to give them a place of their own, a safe place, a place for skaters to go and recreate and create moves and tricks—a place to build a community. Like cutting a ribbon, Mayor Mark McBride dropped into a ...

09/24/2016 09:32 PM
Grantville officially opens skate park - Newnan Times-Herald

Newnan Times-Herald

Grantville officially opens skate park
Newnan Times-Herald
Councilwoman Ruby Hines has been an advocate for the skate park since the early stages and said the feeling of finally seeing it complete was a indescribable. “I'm just glad the Lord has let this come to pass,” she said. “I have spoken with a family ...

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