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Incline Village Skatepark - Incline Village, Nevada, United States

A good idea gone bad. The wall to nowhere stops the flow. You need imagination and more skill than most to find flow here. The street course just takes up what little apron there is. Groms rule the place and will take you out! Be careful. If they try the kids can have the second phase built in another fifteen years.

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alex   incline village

1:42pm on Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 

whoever designed this park had no idea what they were doing. the transitions are horrible and the spine is pointless because both sides are blocked by quarter pipes. for how much this town is into snowboarding you would think they would make it flow better. take a page from the mammoth park, infinite flow designed for snowboarders. and for how much... read more »

J Jonathan   South Tahoe

9:19pm on Sunday, January 17th, 2010 

This park consists of two 6ft open ended bowls with a spine some 3ft tranny and a two stair with a rail thats a joke. but over all its fun.

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Tahoe Blvd and SouthWood. Find the 7-11 and ask anyone.

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