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Lake Geneva Public Skatepark - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, United States
Lake Geneva Public Skatepark - Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, United States
Lake Geneva Public SkatePark Wisconsin - Photo by Denise Schultz

Skateboading oriented. Smaller park but public, so its free :)
4ft mini pipe
4ft launch ramp w/ 4 ft gap and landing
5 stair square coping
5ft q-pipe w/ ramp in the middle
6ft q-pipe w/ ramp in the middle
10 ft wide 6ft high angle ramp w/ 2ft q-pipe in the middle of it, 8 ft long square coping leading down.
2 sided pyramid w/ 1.25ft square coping following the back side of it
8 inch X 5ft square box.

Great park to skate for free!

Its a small skatepark. theres a fly box, small subbox, a mini, pyramid, some 4 ft and 5 ft quarters, huba, and 3 handrails. Biggest ramp is 5 ft. Not bad to learn new tricks on and can flow alright.

Lake Geneva Boards, Bikes and Blades Park - 9,000 square foot park designed in 2001 for the novice to average user. The surface is asphalt and the features are manufactured by TrueRide. Completely surrounded by a 10' chain link fence. The park is closed when Eastview school is in session and when hazardous weather conditions exist. Operated by City of Lake Geneva.

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Relevent Information:
Overall Rating: N.A.
Tranny Rating: N.A.
Street Rating: N.A.
Average Reader Rating: 7 (7 votes)
Designer: TrueRide
Builder: TrueRide
Phone Number:
E-mail Contact:
Lights: No
Restrooms: No
Free or Pay: Free
Inside or outside: Outside
Are pads Required:
Riding Surface Material:
Is there a ProShop on site?:
The skatepark is (approx.): 9,000

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Dunn Field, behind Eastview Middle School. Dunn Field off of Sage Street
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