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Denver Skatepark - Denver, Colorado, United States
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2008 Wild in the Parks - Stop #6 - Denver, Colorado - Source - VolcomStoneYAE

Denver Skatepark - Denver, Colorado, United States
Overview of the Denver Skatepark - Photo by J. Greenwood

Denver Skatepark - Denver, Colorado, United States
The Newer Street Course - Photo by J. Greenwood

Denver Skatepark - Denver, Colorado, United States
The older Street Course @ Denver - Photo by J. Greenwood

Denver skatepark is one of the biggest and best free skateparks I have ever been too. I was blown away at how much terrain you can ride. You can go nuts all day long in one area of the park and not even use the whole thing. I stayed in the Vert bowl mainly because it's kind of a rare thing in all the parks that have opened in the past 5 years. I also hit all the other bowls except for the ankle deep ones splattered around the perimeter. They added a new street course this past year and it's like a banked snake run with nothing but stealth fighter looking angles. There was already quite a large street course there so it's just gotten better. This park is easily a 10. It sounds like they might even add a vert ramp and ramp style street course next summer across the street. If your cruising through Denver is conveniently located downtown. Just off the I25 freeway.
- J.ed 8/20/03

This is one of the best free skateparks I've ever been to. It is so convenient that there is a skateshop just 3 blocks away just in case the occasional deck snap or axcel slip. you know, the usual. Well this is the best free skatepark in America. It has it all; bowls halfpipe, street terrain and everything. I say you check it out. One minor detail it needs sweeping really bad. You can't walk around without getting your new deck dusty.

Denver Skatepark is open and ready to be annihilated! Take a look at these Bowls Everywhere.

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Kevin   Elizabethtown, Ky

1:54am on Saturday, October 16th, 2010 

I agree that it's slick. But it's got great bowls to carve, I just started skating and luckily it was my first park to skate. I'm lucky. The locals are great you just have to meet one and then you'll meet the rest the same day. I loved it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

jimmy flores   denver colorado

3:00pm on Monday, October 4th, 2010 

i try to make it there once a week
its oober beast. it is slippery but u gotta just learn how to work it

Michael   Elizabethtown, KY

9:50pm on Monday, September 27th, 2010 

Visited a couple of years ago and just remember this being the most slippery skatepark I've ever been to, ever. The layout of the park looked great but it's almost unusable due to the fact that some dumb#ss thought it'd be a great idea to paint concrete. Arrived excited, left with a headache and numerous skin-burns.

Pogo Conspiracy   Location unknown

4:26pm on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 

The layout's insane, and that's no jive, but it's without a doubt, the slickest and slipperiest skatepark I've ever skated.

And that's saying something.

It's worth checking out, but if you're into going fast, this place is a nightmare.

Locals are kind of dicks, too.

kevin   summit county CO

10:42am on Monday, June 14th, 2010 

its alot of fun for sure, tons of terrain, but i thought it was very slippery

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Overall Rating: 10
Tranny Rating: 9
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Address: 2205 19th Street.
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Lights: Yes
Restrooms: Yes
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