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Libby - Libby, Montana, United States
This park is Closed - R.I.P.

It is a tiny park, about 20 feet wide and maybe 40 feet long. At one end is a half-bowl that is around 2ft high and looks killer. They have another funky hip thing at the other end the same height that is like a curved quarter pipe with two quarter pipes perpendicular to the ends so you can transfer. They have a tiny manual pad (lower than a curb), a taller box (about 1 1/2 ft tall), and a wooden box with two levels (1ft & 2ft). all cement except the wooden box. When I was there it wasn't open and the sign said daily 6pm-10pm and we waited till 6 and no-one came to unlock it. It looks really fun to skate even though it is tiny. When I went to Board of Missoula skateshop though this guy who works there Chris Bacon said his friends mom owns the park and to just go to her house (which is across the street) and she'll open it for you.

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Snochik127   Libby, Montana

2:38pm on Thursday, April 15th, 2010 

We are currently working on getting a skate park in Libby, Montana!

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